Survey Research & Administration
Choose from expert-written questions and survey templates to quickly get you started.

Business Process Maps  Business process maps are the most effective way to document an organization' current operations. The JNN Group group has created automated scripts that convert business process maps into measurable data points. 

Data Profiling
Data Profiling helps an Organization understand the health and quality of the data generated by its business process and system. Data profiling is a prerequisite to building statistical models.


Efficient Data Blending
The JNN Group builds and deploys automated, reusable pipelines that integrate data from disparate sources, which saves valuable time typically lost in manually creating data sets.

Data Cataloguing
The JNN Group data cataloging process creates a central, consistent repository of business knowledge, metrics, and other information assets. 

Imputation & Null Analysis
Most enterprise datasets have missing data. We can implement imputation rules for replacing missing data with substituted values.


Quick Descriptive Analytics
Using tools like R, Alteryx, and Tableau, our team performs rapid examinations of data or text to generate summary statistics and visualizations such as pie charts, bar charts, line graphs, tables, or generated narratives.

Predictive Modeling
Using data mining and probability to forecast outcomes, we have developed predictive modeling for clients in finance, healthcare, and immigration.

Prescriptive & Recommender Systems
We leverage R and predictive algorithms to mine the largest and most sophisticated data assets.



Tableau Visualizations & Dashboards
Communicating practical implications of quantitative analyses require describing the results in a way non-technical people can understand. Our team is well versed in R, Tableau and Alteryx.

Documentation is the backbone of analytics. We will prepare academic level documentation to support the findings of our analysis.