Jacques Nack Ngue

Jacques Nack Ngue

Our Founder

About Jacques. 

Jacques Nack Ngue specializes in sophisticated data analysis and business analytics.  Mr. Nack Ngue has more than a decade of delivering working data governance and data security products for highly regulated companies in Healthcare, Finance, and Law.

Mr. Nack Ngue has developed document repositories and project management tools for complex litigation, recommendation and prediction systems for visa processing times, a data monetization platform, Electronic Discovery software and statistical visualizations for law firms, as well as other data related products.

Mr. Nack Ngue consults on a broad range of projects in Data Governance, Data Analysis, Data Security and Electronic Discovery and can be engaged on a consulting basis.

Mr. Nack Ngue speaks in six languages, including French and German, and is a member of the Information System Audit and Control Association and the ABA Electronic Discovery and Digital Evidence Committee and has served as a Member of the Board of Directors at the South Pasadena Chamber of Commerce.